Participation guidelines

For many of us, online conferences are a new way of interacting and so we have provided some information on how we expect the conference to work.

The videos will all be released on Monday 7 June. You can then plan your own time for watching them.

Links for the discussion panels will be sent to all registered participants on Tuesday 8 June. To keep things simple, these will be separate zoom links.

top view photo of people having a meeting

Good practice for discussion panels

Each discussion panel will be chaired by an expert in the field who will welcome everyone and ask the first questions to get the discussion going. After that, all participants are welcome to move the discussion on.

Watch the videos before joining the panel – feel free to leave your questions on the panel page so the speakers have time to think about them

Feel free to ask questions and comment using the chat or by raising your hand and speaking

Keep your camera on where you are able to do so – it helps create a sense of community

In our community, we will value respectful and kind interactions

If you are live tweeting the conference, use the hashtag #AMLI2021 so others can see your comments

four women chatting while sitting on bench

Good practice for social breaks

We have planned a series of breakout rooms for the short and long breaks during the conference days. These are informal and unstructured opportunities for us all to get to know each other

If you find yourself in a breakout room on your own, you can switch to another room and try again later

If you are in a room first and someone else enters, say hello to break the ice

Say hi when you enter a room – you can use the chat

Keep your camera on when you are able to do so – one thing we have all learnt this year is that it is easier to interact when we can see each other

If you have a great idea for a theme for a breakout room, do let us know. We know that often topics emerge from the panel discussions and we have the flexibility to add spaces to continue discussions.

We hope this will be a rich, stimulating and friendly event – let’s make it so together!