The impact of Covid-19 on migration studies

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Discourse, opinion and episteme. Immigrants and covid-19 in the chilean press. 

Elizabeth Torrico-Ávila
Universidad de Atacama

How attitudes to Covid-19 are affecting attitudes to migrants 

Stephen Lucek & Dean Phelan
University College Dublin

Hate Speech and Xenophobia in Covid-19 Twitter Discourse: A Critical Corpus-based Analysis

Katherine E. Russo
University of Naples “L’Orientale”

Integration and adaptation in higher-education foreign students: a case study 

Rita Cersosimo, Giulia Lombardi, Alice Pagano & Mauro Carosio
Università di Genova

Towards the anthropology of fairness: language and minority movements during the pandemic in Georgia 

Klaudia Kosicińska
Polish Academy of Science

Reflections on a post-positivist study of migration and language 

Mario Bisiada
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Supporting separated migrant children to thrive during Covid-19  

Fiona Copland, King Goodwin, Maggie Grant, Marie Fotopoulou & Paul Rigby
University of Stirling


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