Narratives and migrant identities

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#fromGR2UK: New Greek migrant (dis)identifications in social media discourse 

Mariza Georgalou
University of Western Macedonia

Unity or Multiplicity: Philosophy of Narrative Identity in Light of Contemporary Migration Dynamics and Crises 

Mateusz Dudek
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Desire and self-defence strategies in the talk of some Sicilian migrants 

Roberta Piazza
University of Sussex

Negotiating (un)belonging in sites of entanglements – Spatial identities of German migrants in Stockholm 

Anna Mammitzsch
Stockholm University

Negotiating Linguistic Hierarchies, Racism and Identity: Multilingual Syrian Refugees’ Narratives of Language Use in Turkey 

Yasemin Erdogan
Karabuk University / Middle East Technical University

(Re)negotiating Identity Through the Use of Material Culture 

Chra Mahmud
Canterbury Christ Church University

How should a refugee sound? Credibility and the politics of listenership 

Jeremy A. Rud
University of California Davis

From Rwanda to Canada, From Mother to Daughter: Intergenerational Diasporic Discourse About the 1994 Genocide 

Kathryn Mara
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Intra-regional migration as a context for identity work: linguistic identity and rural-to-urban mobility within Galicia 

Annie Ornelles
Georgetown University

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