Minority language/s and identity

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Migration, language usage and identity in the Muslim community of San Andres Island 

Carlos Jair Martínez Albarracín

Hybrid Language Identity of the Second-Generation Immigrants in Cyprus 

Sviatlana Karpava
University of Cyprus


Linguistic Identity of second generation of Arabic speakers in Italy 

Alma Salem & Isabella Chiari
PISAI / Sapienza University of Rome


Minority language as one of the factors of self-identification 

Zuzana Drugová & Jasna Uhláriková
Matej Bel University / University of Novi Sad


“I think I speak European!”: Tracing immigrant identities in Edinburgh, Scotland 

Zuzana Elliott
University of Edinburgh


Integration not Assimilation: Preserving Minority-Refugees’ Cultural Identity through Mother Tongue Education 

Isilay Taban
University of Sussex


Creole Identity and Transnational Migration in a Philippine context 

Marivic Lesho & Eeva Sippola
Franklin University / University of Helsinki


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  1. Hello I have a question on Svetlana’s presentation for discussion: what kind of criteria was used to select participants and in what way can they be considered representative of the context analyzed?

    1. Dear Isabella,

      Thank you for your question. What was important is that their are second generation immigrant or minority speakers. Of course, only 30 participants cannot be representative. We can take it as a pilot study, the beginning or a larger research project. Also, our participants were of the particular age, young adults, it would be nice to extend the same in terms of different L1s, age, gender and other important factors.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Interesting topic and presentation of Zuzana Drugová and Jasna Uhláriková!

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