Media framings of migration 1: the mainstream view

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Smooth criminals: discourse on humanitarian NGOs as a key feature of sovereignist  ideology

Andrea Cerase & Dario Lucchesi
University of Rome / University of Padova

The Great Pretenders: Refugees in the European Press 

Natalia Zawadzka-Paluektau
Uniwersytet Warszawski

A longitudinal comparison of the representation of migration in a corpus of British and Romanian newspaper articles published between 2006 and 2018 

Mihaela Iorga
University of Portsmouth

How are the Rohingya crises discursively represented in British online news media?  

Jasper Roe
University of Valencia

Exploring FORCE in Metaphor and Viewpoint phenomena in the multimodal representations of the refugee ‘crisis’ in online British newspapers

Javier Mármol Queraltó
Lancaster University

Constructing British National Identity: The Britain vs. Europe Dichotomy 

Anna Islentyeva & Mihera Abdel Kafi
Universität Innsbruck / Freie Universität Berlin

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Linguistic representation of migration in Italy (2013-2020) 

Luigi Squillante & Isabella Chiari
Sapienza Università di Roma

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