Language policy and migration

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Sadhubhasha as the Marker of Cultural/National Identity and the Position of Muslims: Politics of Language and Identity Formation in Colonial Bengal 

Suma Chisti & Dripta Piplai
IIT Kharagpur

Integration of Repatriated Chinese Kazakhs in Multilingual Kazakhstan: Language, Culture and Identity Issues among Kazakh Youths  

Marzhan Nurtaikyzy & Mukul Saxena
Nazarbayev University

Narratives of (un)belonging: Language management and identity negotiations in two immigrant families in New Zealand 

Naashia Mohamed
The University of Auckland

Language policy and linguistic human rights: A narrative inquiry into citizenship and (linguistic) identity among the Roma in Romania 

Mia Tarau
University of Auckland

Labor Migration and Neoliberal Discourses in Filipino Family Language Policies 

Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Language Officiality and Migration in Andorra 

James Hawkey
University of Bristol

Learning to Integrate, Waiting to Belong:  Language, Time and Uncertainty Among Newcomers in Germany 

Leonie Schulte
University of Oxford

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