Language learning and migration

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Language practices in multicultural contexts: The linguistic immersion of Haitian children in the Chilean public school system. 

Carolina Pérez-Arredondo
Universidad Andrés Bello

Motivation to Belong and its Connection to Language Learning: Exploring Performative Practices with Refugees and Migrants 

Erika Piazzoli
Trinity College Dublin

A performative language teaching approach in connection with emotion and identity 

Susana Martín Leralta, Margarita Planelles Almeida & María Eugenia Flores
Universidad Nebrija

Online Learning and Conversation in Celtic  Languages: A Virtual Migration or ‘There and Back  Again’? 

Jeff William Justice
The University of Edinburgh

Migrant narratives of language learning and integration: struggles for legitimacy, deservedness, and the right to belong 

Silke Zschomler
University of Cambridge

Digital literacies and displacement: Working with NGO stakeholders to investigate language, migration and identity in refugee language lessons. 

Tony Capstick
University of Reading

Transnational learners: identity renegotiation and language learning in migratory contexts through art-related experiences 

Giovanna Carloni
Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo

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