Language contact 1: Hybridity & translanguaging

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A high street of hybrid identity

Jeni Peake
Université de Bordeaux

In search of Hungaro-Romani

Martin Balo & Zuzana Bodnárová
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Speech borrowings and superimposition in the urban variety of Punjabi: Evidence from refugee centres in Italy

Luca Iezzi
Università degli Studi ‘G. D’Annunzio’

Grenglish: New understandings of the linguistic varieties of the British Greek Cypriot diaspora

Anna Charalambidou & Petros Karatsareas
Middlesex University / University of Westminster – @DrAnnaMDX – @pkaratsareas

Migrant Writing: A Genealogy

Eugenia Kelbert Rudan
University of East Anglia


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