Intercultural communication and migration

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Perceived disrespect and moral injustice in language discordant healthcare settings

Andresa M. de A. Medeiros
State University of Campinas

Decolonizing naturally-occurring data in intercultural communication research: Lessons from the pandemic 

Mariana Lazzaro-Salazar
Universidad Católica del Maule

Do intercultural communication barriers affect hospital admission rates?  

Jacqueline Eleonora

Acquiring professional intercultural communicative competence without relinquishing cultural identity: A study of highly-skilled refugees’ labour market integration in the Netherlands. 

Anna Fardau Schukking & Ruth Kircher
Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, Fryske Akademy

‘When I speak Polish, something special is created between me and Polish  people’ – Polish Café as a Polish language melting pot 

Karolina Soltowska & Justyna Gola
Polish for You, Poznań

The Role of Cultural Awareness in the EFL Classroom

Ayşegül Yurtsever & Dilara Özel
Kurşunlu Cumhuriyet Secondary School / Middle East Technical University – @aysglyrtsvr – @dlrozel

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