Heritage languages: policy and practice

Heritage languages in the Irish primary school context: an investigation into teachers’ attitude and pedagogical practice in the area of support for first language maintenance in bilingual pupils

Suzanne McCarthy & Bozena Dubiel
Technological University Dublin

Suzanne.C.McCarthy@mytudublin.ie – @Suzanne75071461

Spanish as a heritage language in Europe and the United States: how academic performance is affected by group identity and collective self-esteem 

María Cecilia Ainciburu & David Rodríguez Velasco
Nebrija University / University of Sienna / Queen’s University Belfast


Degrees of Belonging in Diasporic Contexts – Indexical scales of Vietnamese-ness in the UK 

Anh Khoi Nguyen
University of Manchester


A disavowed community: the case of new Italian migrants in London 

Giulia Pepe
University of Westminster


Land-Connectivity, Linguistic Resilience, and Identity among Urban Native Americans 

Aresta Tsosie-Paddock & Elizabeth A. Redd
University of Arizona / Idaho State University


An Ethnographic Case Study: Supporting Factors of Korean Canadian Children’s Bilingual Learning Within and Beyond the Heritage Language School 

Soon Young Jang
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


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