Foregrounding migrant perspectives

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Search: Migration discourses (-migration). Challenging (linguist) conceptualisations 

Katharina Monz
University of Köln

Subjectivities in migration. Multimodal language biographical research across educational trajectories

Jacqueline Gutjahr & Andrea Bogner
Universität Göttingen

Migrant’s perspective in the construction of visual and multimodal metaphors of migration in W. Staroń’s “Argentinian Lesson” 

Agata Zelachowska
University of Salamanca

Where’s home? EU citizens as migrants. 

Pascual Pérez-Paredes & Elena Remigi
Universidad de Murcia / The In Limbo Project – @perezparedes

The construction of agentic identities by refugees learning English in Scotland and the pedagogical implications. 

Iain Philip
University of Edinburgh

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