Computational approaches to cross-linguistic insights in migration studies

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Building a country-based lexicon of migration: Language on the Fly project

Isabella Chiari, Luigi Squillante, Alma Salem & Maha Bader
Sapienza Università di Roma / PISAI / Università di Bergamo / IULM

The stratification of migration policy lexicon: A corpus-based comparison between Italian and Arabic 

Isabella Chiari, Maha Bader & Alma Salem
Sapienza Università di Roma / Università di Bergamo / IULM / PISAI

Empowering communication through technology: migration and translation at a crossroad

Celia Rico & María del Mar Sánchez Ramos
Universidad Europea / Universidad de Alcalá

Migration in a cross-cultural perspective: using distributional semantic to study discrepancies in the framing of migration across languages and countries.

Maud Reveilhac, Gerold Schneider & Patricia Ronan
University of Lausanne / University of Zurich / TU Dortmund

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