About us

Organising committee

Programme committee

  • Anita Auer, Department of English, University of Lausanne
  • Tony Capstick, Department of English Language & Linguistics, University of Reading
  • Dario del Fante, National Research Council of Italy – Institute for Computational Linguistics «A. Zampolli»
  • Simon Goodman, School of Applied Social Sciences, De Montford University
  • Sandra Jansen, Faculty of Cultural Studies, University of Paderborn
  • Eljee Javier, School of Media, Arts & Humanities, University of Sussex
  • Andreas Musolff, School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia
  • Keith Perera, School of Education & Social Work, University of Sussex / St Paul’s Catholic College
  • Ben Rogaly, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex
  • Patricia Marion Ronan, Dortmund University of Technology
  • Melani Schroeter, Department of Languages & Cultures, University of Reading
  • Marc Scully, Department of Psychology, Mary Immaculate College
  • Franco Zappettini, Department of Communication & Media, University of Liverpool

The AMLI conference series

The University of Sussex is home to the Sussex Centre for Migration Research